Overcoming yourself when feelings defeat the mind (2020)

59.1x31.5x0.1 in ~ Painting, Acrylic, Chalk, Pastel, Spray paint

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In this painting, I was able to express a feeling when emotions overcome our minds. All logical beliefs (which I show as formulas) are in one moment vividly obscured by flashes of emotions and impulsive unthinking actions.
This is the moment when logically we understand everything but cannot accept it with our hearts and we belong to the world of emotions.
It's time when feelings stay above the mind.

Usually, I use calm colors for my paintings. Last month brought me several kicks, which changes my world and left traumatic consequences.
I try to paint, despite the whole situation. I need a red color. I use red color.

The artwork plays with different tones of warm red with a little bit of gold.

The painting made on unmounted canvas and will be shipped rolled in a tube. Painting size ist 150x80cm (59x31 inches) plus an additional 3.5 cm for mounting from each side (2.5 cm painted for sides and an additional 1 cm).


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