The main goal is to combine abstract expressionism with science. This connects the emotional level, which belongs to Expressionism, with the intellectual and logical structures.


Anastasia Vasilyeva was born 1982 in St.Petersburg (Russia) where she grew up. In 2008 she moved to Switzerland where she's been living since then. Anastasia Vasilyeva is a trained mathematician who has been working in IT for many years.

In addition to her work in the world of computer science, Anastasia Vasilyeva is an artist dedicated to abstract painting. In her works she combines art with motifs and themes of mathematics as well as computer science. Her work also focuses on current social problems. Inspired by Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollack, Kandinsky and Gerhard Richter, Anastasia Vasilyeva tries to make a conceptual contribution in Contemporary Art. 

Born in an artists-family (4th generation) she learned the basic painting techniques from her father and continued to further develop them in various painting courses. Anastasia is also very interested in the history of art. The art exhibitions of classical and modern works of art always give her new inputs and inspirations for her work.

Since 2016 Anastasia Vasilyeva has been exhibiting her works in certain art galleries as well as in large IT and insurance companies in Switzerland, Germany and Estonia.

2018 -The diptych "Glacier" was owned by the MUSEUM OF ART in Narva, Estonia;  

2019 -Selected as Semi-finalist in the project MIAMI2.0 organized be ARTBOX.Projects. "School board N8" was presented in Wynwood during Art Basel Miami Week.


Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollack, Kandinsky, Gerhard Richter, Kazimir Malevich


2016-2017 Mix media contemporary artist Sempach, Switzerland
1999-2004 Dip. Applied Mathematician St.Petersburg, Russia
Anastasia Vasilyeva

The artist at work

Solo Expositions

2018 Solo exhibition "Science art", Kunstschaufenster (Art Showcast) Luzern, Switzerland

2018 Solo Exhibition "Science Art" by Insiders Technologies Kaiserslautern, Germany

2017 Solo exhibition, Kunstschaufenster (Art Showcast) Luzern, Switzerland

2017 Solo exhibition with 20 paintings in reformed church Sempach, Switzerland

Collective Expositions

2019 Miami 2.0 Artbox.Projects Wynwood, FL, United States

2019 SWISS ART EXPO 2019 Zürich, Switzerland

2019 ART IN MADRID, APPA Art Gallery Madrid, Spain

2019 Art in Florence, Art Expertise Florence, Italy

2019 MiniMe - Art gallery of museum Narva, Estonia

2019 You are my Favoriten piece of Art Marbella, Spain

2019 Contemporary Art Fair Innsbruck 2019 Innsbruck, Austria

2017 Group international exhibition in Art Gallery, Art museum Narva, Estonia

2017 Group exhibition in Art Atelier "Wöschhüsli" Sempach, Switzerland

2016 Participation in group winter exhibition, Art gallery Artefix Sempach, Switzerland

2016 Participation in charity auction organized by Art Gallery Artefix Sempach, Switzerland

Permanent Collections

2018 The diptych "Glacier" was owned by the MUSEUM OF ART in Narva, Estonia; Narva, Estonia

2017 Permanent Exhibition by CSS Insurance Luzern, Switzerland

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