Exception handling on canvas (2019)

23.6x31.5x0.7 in ~ Painting, Acrylic, Pastel

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"Exception handling" is a conceptual computer science painting. It is part of the Science Art collection, which was made with a deep blue color.

The original artworks from Science Art Collection were already presented in Art Galleries and Art Fairs in Europe -Spain, Italy, German, Switzerland and Austria. The unique style, which combines Art and Science, is a highlight for each exhibition of contemporary art. Some artworks of the artist Anastasia Vasilyeva are already in the collection of the Art Museum in Estonia (Narva City).
Anastasia Vasilyeva used a special developed painting technique to make the colors vivid and become a depth effect. The catalogue of the Science Art collection, which was published in 2019, is available on Amazon.

About the concept:
The artwork uses the principle of Color Field Painting- a base blue color with a depth effect.
The mathematical symbols and formulas will be used as an abstract elements. These artwork symbolize the memories about our development path.

Anastasia Vasilyeva for the interview on the exhibition in Madrid:
"With my art works I want to touch the persons to remind about something very personal for us.
The artworks from the Science art collection made with a multi layer technic, that I developed. It helps a base color to became a special depth effect. The lettering on this painting is an abstract element and helps to reach even more depth."

From the interview on the SWISS ART Expo in Zürich:
"On the canvas,i drew the formulas and a piece of Java code with exception handling.
Minimalist painting with deep blue color and white chalk lettering perfectly suites to a modern interior."

The painting is signed on the front and back sides. The certificate is included.
The painting was exhibited on SWISS ART Expo 2019 in August in Zurich.
The painting has an aluminum frame.

Mixed media on canvas, 60x80 cm.


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