ABC (2019) Sold

39.4x39.4x0.7 in ~ Painting, Acrylic, Pastel


Dive into the amazing blue vibrations. This is a painting by artist Anastasia Vasilyeva (Russian artist who immigrated to Switzerland in 2008).

The canvas immerses the viewer in letters of different alphabets. In the work there is an association with the school board (the title painting of Anastasia Vasilyeva).
But this time the artist does not write formulas, but prefers letters. And only a small inlay of formulas makes a parallel to the mathematical language with the letters of the Greek alphabet, which is also written on the painting.
The artist also writes in Cyrillic alphabet, reminding about the connection of the Greek alphabet with the Russian alphabet - the native language of the artist.

The painting is made in a multi-layered technique of painting with acrylic and uses several layers of oil pastel. The artist also uses her branded technique of scratching out symbols. This gives the painting even greater depth. Each layer of the painting is fixed with a matt varnish.


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