29.02.2020 - A nightmare. From COVID-19 Documentary art. (2020)

15.8x11.8 in ~ Painting, Acrylic, Marker

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A few days ago, the virus appeared in Italy and has already come to Switzerland. All major events have been cancelled, including the famous carnival in Basel (Basel Fasnacht).
The information about the virus is very contradictory. But in the case of China, we see that the consequences will be fatal for many.
It was on the night of February 29 that I had a nightmare. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't even take one breath at all. I could only hear a voice in my head: "Mom, I can't breathe! Mom, help me!" In my dream, I saw my mother and said it to her in my mind.
When I could hardly wake up and could hardly breathe, I thought that this voice in my dream could be my son's voice. Because I'm a mother myself.
It's scary! I'm very scared that the virus will soon reach our nearest towns as well.

The texts on the painting in English and in Russian: "Mom, I can't breathe! Mom, help me!", "My nightmare".

Documentary about COVID19 - For Patrons, Supporters and Art Angels
We are living now during the historical moment: new Coronavirus pandemic goes through the world. The people are scare and unsafe, the markets are falling and nobody knows about the whole consequences, which the virus brings to us.
As an artist, I can't step away and not to speak about my feeling and thoughts.
This is a non-commercial project to document the informations and my feelings, which I want to share with you.
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