19.03.2020 - Terrifying statistics. From COVID-19 Art. (2020)

15.8x11.8 in ~ Painting, Acrylic, Marker

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The 19th of March: Terrifying statistics.
On that day, the death toll from the virus in Italy exceeded that in China. No more comments. Only numbers.

Information to the collection: "Documentary about COVID19 - For Patrons, Supporters and Art Angels".
We are living now during the historical moment: new Coronavirus pandemic goes through the world. The people are scare and unsafe, the markets are falling and nobody knows about the whole consequences, which the virus brings to us.
As an artist, I can't step away and not to speak about my feeling and thoughts.
This is a non-commercial project to document and share the informations and my feelings.
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Paintings on high quality, acid-free, high density paper 360g/m2.

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