17.04.2020 - We are LIVE! COVID-19 Documentary art. (2020)

15.8x11.8 in ~ Painting, Acrylic, Marker

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17.04.2020 - Our life in quarantine has stabilized and adapted to new conditions.
Many people continue to work from home. Before, the Internet was an important part of modern life. And during quarantine, it is even more important. The Internet at home now means communication, work, learning, commerce and just connecting to the world.
The text in the painting: "Thank Heaven - we have internet - we are LIVE! Thank Heaven -We are ALIVE!".

Information to the collection: "Documentary about COVID19 - For art collectors and supporters".
We are living now during the historical moment: new Coronavirus pandemic goes through the world. The people are scare and unsafe, the markets are falling and nobody knows about the whole consequences, which the virus brings to us.

All COVID paintings are published in personal official catalogue (the copy is Included to your purchase).


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