Equilibrium on the insurance market (2019)

23.6x31.5x0.7 in ~ Collages, Paper ~ Other, Canvas, Paper

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"Equilibrium on the insurance market" - The painting is based on the motives and designs of the thesis on mathematical game theory. On the painting in the collage technique added drafts of the artist's diploma, which are more than 15 years ago. The diploma thesis is dedicated to the subject insurance market. The artwork symbolically conveys the division of a whole into parts and the attempt to tape them together. Compensation of the balance and presentation of the "insured event" by torn drafts.

About the concept:
The artwork uses the principle of Color Field Painting- a base green color with a depth effect.
The mathematical symbols and formulas will be used as an abstract elements. These artwork symbolize the memories about our development path. The central painting -School Blackboard symbolize the object, that connect all of us as a start point of our development. Because even the famous scientist used to learn that 2+2 is 4. The old school blackboard keeps all these memories about the learning path from the simple to complexity. It's also a symbol of the first love and the first difficulties in our lives.

Anastasia Vasilyeva for the interview on the exhibition in Madrid:
"With my art works I want to touch the persons to remind about something very personal for us.
The artworks from the Science art collection made with a multi layer technic, that I developed. It helps a base color to became a special depth effect. The lettering on this painting is an abstract element and helps to reach even more depth."

From the interview on the SWISS ART Expo in Zürich:
"It's the painting about out development path. The formulas on this painting based on my diplom research work in the math game theory. This conceptual artwork is a new interpretation of my schoolboards paintings collection."


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